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Prior to my becoming a Private Acting Coach and Classroom Acting Teacher, I began working as a NYC Teaching Artist.

Teaching Artists are Professionals in their artistic field who also teach children an adults in a school or community organization settings.

For 15 fortunate years, I collaborated all across the five boroughs. I loved the work so much, I spearheaded my own Theatre Arts in Education Organization, Rising City Arts. I have spent magical moments as an Executive Director, one-on-one Counselor for Youth, Professional Development Workshop Coordinator & Instructor.

Below is an abridged version of my work history & partner organizations.

Work Experience Snapshot

... with Youth

Rising City Arts, Queens, NY (2010 ~ Present)

Founder/Executive Director/Teaching Artist (All Grades)

Claire's Creative Adventures, NYC (2014 ~ Present)

Acting Class Teacher (Grades 1 ~ 5) 

Queens Theater in the Park, Queens, NY (2006 ~ 2017)

Teaching Artist/Director at PS 199 & PS 64 (Grades 1 ~ 6)

Center For Arts Education, NYC (2015 ~ 2017)

Teaching Artist for ELLS Program with Various Schools 

(Grades 3 - 6) 


City Lights Youth Theatre, NYC (2001 ~ 2010)

Acting Class Teacher (Grades 7 - 12) 

Counseling In Schools, Bronx, NY (2008 ~ 2010) 

Acting Teacher/One-on-One Counselor (Grades 10 ~ 12)

Creative Arts Team at CUNY, NYC (2007 ~ 2008) 

Actor/Teacher ELTA Program (Pre-K ~ Grade1)

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC (2004 ~ 2006)

Acting Class Teacher (Grades 3 - 7) 

FEMA's Project Liberty with CIS, Bronx NY (2002 ~ 2005)

One-on-One Crisis Counselor (Grades 1 - 8)

Professional Development Workshops

... with Adults

Metamorphosis & Cyrano for All

Weston Country Playhouse, VT (2005, 2006)

Workshop Developer/Instructor

(Adult Classroom Teachers)

"Teacher's Place" for New Teaching Artists

American Place Theatre, NYC (2001, 2002)

Workshop Coordinator/Instructor

(Adult Teaching Artists) 

Theatre Games for the Classroom

Queens Theatre, Queens, NY (2016)

Workshop Coordinator/Facilitator

(Adult Classroom Teachers)

Theatre Games for Everyday Curriculum

PS 171, Queens, NY (2015) 

Workshop Developer/Facilitator

(Adult Classroom Teachers)

"Speak the Speech", Public Speaking Workshops

The Academy of Finance and Enterprise, Queens, NY (2011-13)

Coach/Workshop Coordinator

(High School Seniors)

NYSAAE Professional Development Training

Westchester Council for the Arts/City Lights, NYC (2005)

Developing Coordinator/Contributor

(Adult Arts Administrators & Teaching Artists)

Dina was featured in a Backstage Magazine article on NYC's finest Acting Teachers.

Check it out here: 

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