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What the fans are saying....

“My name is Valerie Ryan. I am 14 years old, and Dina Ann Comolli is my acting coach. Besides being an amazing acting coach, Dina is a supportive, kind-hearted, fun, loving person, who is so passionate about acting.

I began working with her individually about 2 years ago, preparing monologues for Performing Arts High Schools. Not only did she help me prepare two great monologues that got me accepted to Frank Sinatra High School, she helped me find myself as an actress and enlightened me with tips and information on the business. Currently I am working with Dina on auditioning technique to start up my career in acting so I can follow my dream. Not only is she the best in the business, but she is patient, hardworking and caring. I would not be where I am today without her."

“Dina Comolli is an outstanding acting instructor and audition coach. When working with young people, she shares her acting experience and technique with great clarity and specificity, while keeping the work light, creative and fun.


Dina has a genuine talent for finding the right material to highlight the particular strengths and personality of each student.


Dina's class at City Lights prepared her students well for auditions for the NYC performing arts high schools. Her students were consistently accepted at the schools of their choice, including LaGuardia, Talent Unlimited, Edward R. Murrow and Professional Performing Arts HS. 


She is one of the best teachers of acting for young people that I know.  Work with her privately, take her class!  You'll love it!”


Robert Bruce McIntosh, Artistic Director of City Lights Youth Theatre

Dina has been such a great coach these past two years I've been with her. Best coach I've ever had, honestly.


Without her I don't think I would be as good as I am today. She's helped with just general acting, and prepared me for my auditions, and she's been such a great help and just a great person!


Thanks to her, I was able to get into LaGuardia High School, which has been a school I've been aiming for! Thank you Dina!








Reuben Wilson

Age 13.

Actor at LaGuardia High School

Having Dina teach me at City Lights was an honor, and now that our time at the Youth Theater has come to an end, I really wish I had come back to City Lights, so I could take more classes with her.


When I arrived in my first class with her I was totally BLANK! But when the class was over, I was so proud of myself because I've learned so much from ONE person. Not only did she brush up my acting skills ;-) but she made me a better person in and out.


The thing I liked most about her teaching was her TECHNIQUES! They were fun and exciting. I liked 'sound ball' and the mouth exercises.


I should just wrap this up... Dina is the best acting coach I've seen in my 12 years of life!

Ashley Daniels

Age: 12 yrs.

School: Professional Performing Arts School

I first met Dina when we worked together for my high school audition. I only had one 2 hour session with her, but that was enough to not only make me more confident about impressing the high school judges, but to also pass the audition with flying colors. Needless to say I now attend Talent Unlimited High School because of her artistic advice. 


Just recently my mom requested her help to give me some artistic advice. This was necessary seeing as I had an audition for an exclusive summer program in a few weeks. At first I thought I didn’t need an acting coach and that a little artistic advice wouldn’t really change the outcome of my audition. As she started to work with me one on one though, my opinion dramatically changed.


She first picked out two monologues for me that she felt I would connect with the most and would perform the best. She helped me make clear character intentions, helped me better my diction, and even made plays I had to study easily accessible to me. To top that, she also gave me advice on how to impress the judges auditioning me. 


If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have understood my Shakespeare and contemporary monologues very well and probably wouldn’t have stood a fighting chance without her guidance and expertise.

Aaron Durka, Age 14

Talent Unlimited High School, Actor

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