I am forever drawn to the craft of expressing the human condition and the art of telling stories. My extensive training as an Actress at Harvard's ART, Allentown College, Improv with the Magnet, On-Camera training with the Barrow Group and so very many professional experiences through the years have given me the foundation to make consistently strong, relaxed choices on stage and in front of the camera. 

There is a large and joyful part of my life that is dedicated to young people and helping them to develop into better actors as well as empathetic, confident humans who understand how to think creatively and critically. Coaching Actors one-on-one offers a unique depth to the work and an opportunity to mentor (which I love). Teaching the art of theater continually keeps me learning and laughing. 

Outdoor Enthusiast. Yogi. Entrepreneur.

Nature is good medicine! I seek it out as often as possible. I am an avid Hiker, certified Open Water Scuba Diver, expert Stand-up Paddle Boarder and bona fide Bird Nerd. As a certified Vinyasa Yoga and Nia Green Belt Dance Instructor, I get more good mojo from practicing and teaching yoga and dance. 

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  YOGA TREKKERS, Yoga & Nia Dance for Hikers

 &          RISING CITY ARTS,  Theatre  for Youth

  Actress/Acting Coach, Dina Ann Comolli