Latest News

I am happy to greet 2019 with fresh Legit and Commercial Representation and a Print booking for IBRANCE.  


I had a blast with a co-starring role on NBC's New show MANIFEST, a featured appearance on Netflix's new show, THE BREAK with Michelle Wolf , a quick commercial shoot in Bangkok, Thailand (!) for jewelry designer Jeulia and a commercial here in NY for Ocuvite as well as an Industrial for HealthQuest and Plegridy.

2017 satisfied my love for the theatre at Triad Stage in Greensboro, NC, where I portrayed Esther Franz in Arthur Miller's "The Price". 2017 also included commercial campaigns for TheraventProgresso and 

Connecticut Lottery

In Spring 2017, I got some Improv in with the fabulous artists of Artistic New Directions and their production of "Without A Net". Five theater companies (teams) rehearsed the same short play with their own chosen Actors and Improvisers. For each of the performances, one actor from each team meet for the first time - on stage! I was heavily featured in this one. What a Blast! Watch the Without A Net Trailer

I also recently had the great pleasure of working on Internet spots for

Lincoln Financial Group, Rite Aid,

Betterment and Deloitte

  Actress/Acting Coach, Dina Ann Comolli

The Price, Triad Stage